The Benefits of Easy Abortions

Putting aside all of the ethical arguments that have been made in the case for abortion, such as “it’s the woman’s body”, pieces from the 14th Amendment, and so on, there are countless benefits to having free and easy access to abortion services. Accidents happen, and it’s unfortunate for both the mother and child if an unwanted pregnancy cannot be terminated. With a financial burden placed on the mother and a reduced quality of life for the child, abortions should not be difficult to obtain in any situation.

The majority of people who have unplanned pregnancies are in such a predicament because they did not have adequate access to contraceptives, or failed to use them properly. If abortions were easier to obtain, accidental pregnancies may still happen at the same rate, but there would be a sharp decrease of unwanted pregnancies actually carried out. Additionally, those with a strong enough desire for an abortion would find a way to obtain one, regardless of the legality. Illegal abortions are far more dangerous than their regulated counterparts, and forcing those in need to go to such lengths is unethical.

While those in disagreement claim that easy access to abortions creates an incentive for people to stop using contraceptives, as unplanned pregnancies can easily be taken care of, this is a foolish argument; the process of abortion is long and costly (to the body as well as wallet), more of a last-resort option than a substitute to birth control. Consider the fact that Obamacare makes contraceptives free, or as least much cheaper, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to claim that access to abortions will result in more pregnancies.

Furthermore, orphanages and the foster care system in America have bad reputations. Not only are they severely underfunded and ineffective at helping parentless children, they are painfully overcrowded, causing the little funding available to be spread thin. Making abortions easier to obtain would help improve the situation by decreasing the numbers of children at orphanages or in the foster care system. If unwanted children are not being born, then they can not be abandoned either.

As previously mentioned, having an unwanted infant to care for hurts all involved parties. The mother, usually not a rich mistress involved in an affair(very last century), is forced to carry a heavy financial burden that can add up to thousands of dollars a year. Things can be even worse for the child. Growing up in an unwelcoming environment, be it orphanage,  poor household, or any number of other situations, is not good for any child’s mental or physical well-being. Hopefully, restrictions on abortions will be reduced, making accidental pregnancies unable to develop into serious consequences for anyone.


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