Why Overpopulation Sucks

Having too many people in one area is a problem. It means the same amount of resources needs to be distributed amongst more people, and as a result, everyone receives less. Overpopulation alone may seem like an inconvenience at worst, but there is a whole slew of problems that accompany it. Think about how unbearably slow traffic is in big cities, or how bad pollution becomes. Although America isn’t nearly as crowded as countries such as China or India, there are still plenty of densely populated areas, with many more that will follow. In order to prevent America from turning into a teeming, choked disaster, efforts must be made to curb this country’s population growth.

One way America can slow its population growth is by increasing citizens’ access to contraceptives, which would mean making them even more accessible than Obamacare and similar efforts have done. Almost half of the approximately 4 million pregnancies that occur each year are unintended, but only about 40% of women obtain abortions. This number is even less in Southern states where unreasonably strict regulations hinder abortion clinics’ ability to operate. Leaving the abortion argument for later, think about all the consequences that could be prevented by contraceptive usage. While it’s likely that some unintended pregnancies occur because of carelessness rather than lack of access to contraceptives, there is still a large group of people suffering because they lack birth control.

As mentioned in an earlier post, there should also be legislation to have increased access to abortions. If contraceptives fail, as they sometimes do, women shouldn’t be hindered by a lack of functional clinics in their area, as seen in quite a few, generally-Southern states. While it is true that a number of women willingly choose to go through with the birth, that leaves quite a few people who unwillingly have babies. If people are forced to care for babies that they don’t want, there are serious consequences(link to abortion post).

Another more drastic measure to limit America’s population growth is by introducing federal legislation that will limit the number of children one may have. This country isn’t growing any larger, and the age of families with seven children is over. Additionally, if all those in need of contraceptives can obtain them, there is a significantly reduced risk of unintended pregnancies, meaning women will only give birth to children if they choose to. If by any chance an accident occurs, abortion is also available. Furthermore, if families desire to have more children, the idea of adoption is open as well. Is this idea controversial and unlikely to ever pass in Congress? Absolutely. Keep in mind however, that ideas are not always feasible.

On a less controversial note, people could move to less densely populated regions of America, such as the midwest. The only reason areas with low population are that way is because there is little to no incentive to relocate to these areas. If state governments could lower corporate tax percentages, businesses would have a reason to move to the particular state while those already living in the state would be provided with an incentive to start their own enterprise. The second effect would be more pronounced, as certain states such as Nevada already have little to no corporate tax, and they still have low density populations. State governments could also subsidize the costs of building stores and other ventures, which would create additional jobs and improve the state’s economy.

Although overpopulation should not be considered the most pressing issue in today’s turbulent society, it’s certainly a concern that should be addressed in the near future. With a wide variety of suggested policies to solve this approaching crisis, ranging from the meek to aggressive, America has an assortment of ways to solve its approaching congestion. Hopefully, future generations will have the chance to live in a country where resources can be shared, with enough for all. If overpopulation wins, we are responsible for denying them that opportunity.


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