Trump’s Wreck of a Platform(Part 1: The Wall)

The majority of voters, 70% to be more precise, dislike Trump for obvious reasons: he promotes violence and seems to commit hate-crime wherever he goes. However, there is more to the case against Trump; although the disagreement with him seems to be purely emotional, this several-part piece explains the (numerous) flaws of Trump’s platform from a more fiscal point of view. Since it’s the most significant, Trump’s wall, his biggest applause-grabber, will be analyzed first.

The wall isn’t happening. As much as bigots would like to curb the hordes of illegal immigrants supposedly entering America, the wall is fiscally irresponsible, to put it kindly. With all the criteria the wall must fulfill, including strong-enough material and timeliness of construction(Trump will probably want his wall built before he leaves office), the wall is estimated to cost tens of billions of dollars, compared to Trump’s paltry estimation of eight. While illegal immigration is a problem that should be addressed, it’s a minor one in these times, and taxpayer money could be better spent paying off deficit or being channeled to more pressing projects.

To address the problem of the cost, Trump has declared that he “would make Mexico pay for it”, another one of his popular catchphrases. Again, there are problems with this approach. Most importantly, Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, has unsurprisingly refused to fund such a xenophobic endeavor. Despite what Trump might say, America can’t force Mexico to pay for a wall. Although it could potentially trade with other countries, America would face consequences from the WTO(World Trade Organization), not to mention that finding another country to replace Mexico’s place as “second-largest export market and third-largest trading partner” would be difficult.

No, Trump’s wall isn’t going to be built, at least not in the way he describes it. At best, he will build a far smaller, flimsier version, paid for with American funds. Voters who only tolerated Trump in hopes of feeling “safer at night” may want to reconsider who they want in office.


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