Trump’s Wreck of a Platform(Part 4: Immigration)

As addressed in an earlier piece, immigration is an integral part of Trump’s platform. It doesn’t just end at his wall however — he plans to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants out of America. Besides the emotionally-upsetting consequences that come along with mass deportation, such as communities ruined, families split apart, there are other alarming repercussions that are sure to come.

The first of these starts with the fact that kicking so many people out of the country isn’t as easy as it sounds(does it sound easy to begin?). In order to be deported, an illegal immigrant has to be recognized as one, detained, legally processed, then sent back to their home country. In other words, it takes a lot of work. And of course, there will be a price tag to match. Even if Trump takes a step out of this process by bypassing the courts(which may be illegal), it’ll still be a long and arduous process, one that can’t be completed in just two years.

In fact, it will be a miracle if Trump is even able to go through with any part of this plan. As mentioned before, there will be a plethora of new expenses. For such a large-scale operation, there will need to be new offices and new personnel, such as office workers and security persons, all of whom need to be paid. To break even on these new costs, money needs to be redistributed or raised by the people through taxation, actions Trump is against. Seeing how all of Trump’s other plans are unlikely to come remotely close to paying for themselves, it’s doubtful that this one will be any different.

Furthermore, it’ll be impossible to completely circumvent the courts. While there may be some immigrants discreetly ushered back to their home countries, it’s unconstitutional(and impossible) to kick several million people out of America. It’s even more difficult when you realize that nearly every immigration court has an enormous backlog due to the large volume of immigrants applying for green cards or appealing. Especially in California, where the Los Angeles court has 50,000 cases pending, mass deportation could not come at a worse time.

Adding on, this plan will really harm America. The most obvious problem is that there will be 11 million(or more) less people adding to the economy. In the short term, these immigrants will be forced out of jobs that sustain the economy. Many complain that immigrants steal our jobs, but these jobs are the leftovers the American workforce leaves(who wants to pick fruit or hold any type of menial job)? And long term, things won’t be any better. All the displaced jobs will probably be filled eventually, but at a severe expense to the businesses that previously relied on people willing to complete menial work despite low pay and poor conditions. With these immigrants deported, companies will have to raise wages and provide better conditions to attract workers, making certain goods and services a lot more expensive than the majority of this country’s consumers would like.

Even the conservative base currently backing Trump should reconsider. Although those right-of-center on the political spectrum generally support the idea that America should be tough on its unlawful inhabitants, they just as strongly believe that government shouldn’t run complex programs at all. With 11 million illegal immigrants, or as many as 25 million if he succeeds in eliminating birthright citizenship, it’s undeniable that Trump’s plan is exactly what conservatives should be watching out for. Even worse, it has the potential to harm American citizens accused of being undocumented immigrants, making this plan even more morally questionable. Even if this process has a 99% success rate, an “A+” in most classes, hundreds of thousands of citizens would still be wrongly accused and displaced from their homes.

No matter how much Trump markets it, this mass deportation isn’t something America or Americans should stand behind. Politically incorrect at best and sordid at worst, his scheme has the potential to ruin several industries and force this country even further into debt.  Considering the price tags and lack of revenue streams for each of his other ventures, it appears that Trump’s entire platform is one giant fiscal disaster. Although immigration reform must come — courts’ backlog reduced, increased ease in becoming a legal American — Trump is more focused on making headlines instead of truly making this country any better. Sloppily promising to deport millions of illegal immigrants in under two years seems to only prove the point: Donald Trump won’t turn this country around; the immigrants will. To truly make America great, we need to keep it the multicultural melting pot it’s celebrated as.


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